We Will Rock You

This year the school decided to put on a musical, the last one was Little Shop Of Horrors back in 2014 when we were in first year. I went to see it, as did many others and was amazed at how professional it all looked. With all the talent and great reviews we knew there would be a lot of pressure put upon us to perform with our own musical, We Will Rock You. 

We Will Rock You was created by Ben Elton, it tells the story of a young Galileo Figaro in the year 3000 and something trying to make his way in the big bad world. He rebels against all the brainwashed sheep he is surrounded by, with his search for Rock and Roll. On his quest he meets his love interest, Scaramouche, his female version. Together they encounter the Bohemians, social-dropouts who live for the music of a previous era and who long to bring it back. If you haven’t already guessed by the subtle naming of the characters, the music used in the musical is by the legendary, Queen.

As soon and summer ended and school began so did the planning and preparing of the show. Every Friday after school Ms. Roche would open up the doors of the music room to anyone who wanted to be a part of the musical experience, mainly TYs but there were a few fifth-years and first-years too. We would all crowd round the piano and begin to sing the songs we’d all grown up hearing, but with a few minor tweaks to suit the plot of the show. Although we sung till we could sing no more everyone seemed to be having a great time. Ms. Rouse composed and taught the dances which accompanied the chorus songs, fortunately for me I was in her class meaning I and a few others got taken out of classes quite a bit to help with the dances. We helped come up with a few different moves and had to demonstrate the dances to others – going over the steps if someone was struggling.

While everything was going on, there was an announcement on the intercom one day regarding a competition for the artwork used for the tickets of the musical. Not having my heart set on winning, I decided to put a design foreword, mainly because I knew I’d only be kicking myself if I didn’t. A few weeks went by and I had nearly forgotten all about it when I found out my design had actually won. I was thrilled to hear this news and over those next few days I found it surreal to see the image I had created at about 3 a.m. in my pajamas, multiplied by hundreds floating around the school.

Soon, the stage went up, courtesy of Mr. Grace, and suddenly the idea of a live performance became more of a reality. These last weeks have flown by, we mostly spent all our time in the PE Hall; perfecting our performances. During the school week and often on weekends. It has been astounding to see the talent our school has to offer, the leads by no doubt are fantastic and every single person in the chorus helps bring the show together. On Monday night we had our first proper run through; with the band, the lighting, the sound, costumes and makeup. We were all a little wary of the makeup at first, although it did look brilliant in the end, thanks to the teachers and students who helped with it. With the bright lights on the stage the makeup had to be dark but before we went on it looked like we were all headed to and operating theatre rather than an actual theatre. We were orange. On Wednesday, we had our first performance, a mâtiné, in front of local primary schools. It was a good way of having another practice before we have to do the show in front of a paying audience and it was a good surge of confidence to see how much they seemed to enjoy the show. For the next two nights we’ll all be running on adrenaline and excitement with a hearty crash on the weekend, I don’t think anyone will wake up until school on the following Tuesday

Featuring a host of hit songs from rock legends Queen, We Will Rock You promises to be a musical extravaganza not to be missed!