Unsatisfactory behaviour and sanctions



In the view of the teacher, if the misbehaviour is so serious that further action may need to be taken on that school day he/she should discuss the matter with the Year Head/Principal or Deputy Principal.  Teachers will appreciate that students will only be sent home at lunch time or at the end of the day for obvious reasons.  Only in the most exceptional circumstances is a student to be excluded from class during the course of the school day and in those cases he is to be sent to see the Principal/Deputy Principal/Year Head.  A note explaining the reason should also be sent.  The teacher should check subsequently that the student arrived to see the Principal/Deputy Principal/Year Head.  In the first instance, the implementation of the discipline code, of course, is a matter for the subject teacher using his/her own professional skills.  For example, in the event of difficulty, a teacher may impose a sanction, note the problem in the Journal, write to the parents and indeed meet the parents.  However, on occasion, outside assistance will be needed to deal with particularly difficult problems.

Within the classroom, direct confrontation with the pupil is to be avoided if at all possible.  Behavioural problems should be discussed with the pupil privately.  If, and only if, the student is totally disruptive after such a discussion has taken place and cannot be controlled within the classroom situation he/she should then be sent either to the Principal/Deputy Principal/Year Head.  The teacher should emphasize that in the event of none of these being available the pupil should return to the classroom.

A pupil who is constantly giving problems, such as no homework, regular disruptions or interfering with other pupils’ rights, should be reported to the class Tutor at an early stage.  The class Tutor may talk with the student or send for his/her parents.  A note must be kept of the fact that the parents have been sent for and of the outcome of the meeting.  In this, as in other matters of the student’s progress and behaviour, it is of the utmost importance to keep a short but clear record of all major events.  If the meeting with the parents does not prove to have the desired effect, then the student should be sent to the Year Head.