To the Parents/Guardians of any student seeking admission to this school from another second level school.

Dear Parents/Guardians

Thank you for your enquiry re: a place for your son/daughter.  The following information is required before we consider the application:

  1. At least two years continuous school reports and school internal examination results.
  2. A photocopy of all official examination results.
  3. A reference from the applicant’s previous school Principal.
  4. PPS no. and previous school’s Roll no.
  5. The applicant will attend at least one personal interview with the undersigned or a deputy.
  6. The applicant will be considered by an admissions sub-committee.
  7. The Transfer Enrolment form must be fully completed.
  8. The applicant resides within the school’s stated catchment area.
  9. Where applicable, the applicant has exhausted all appeals processes in his/her previous school, including a Section 29 appeal.
  10. The Board of Management of the school reserves the right to refuse enrolment if the applicant presents a potential threat to the Health & Safety of staff and/or students of Pipers Hill College.

Please note that we will not process this application until all the above information is submitted with the enrolment form, which is attached to this letter.

The falsification of any information on the transfer application form will render the application invalid.

Failure to attend for interview at the allocated time will render the application invalid and a new application must be made.

The month of July

Generally, I am not available for the above time but applications will be processed by the school’s office staff for decision in August.

It is essential that you do not cancel your child’s place in another school until you get a definite “Yes” and official notification from us that he/she has a place in this school.

You are advised that you have the right to appeal any decision to the Board of Management of this school under Section 29 of the Education Act, 1998.