There’s no Show like a Science Show

On Monday the 13th of November 2017 Mr Bryne and Mr Timoney hosted their annual science show at lunchtime. This event is always great fun for everyone and this year was no exception.


It all started with the traditional Macarena dance. The music really got a crowd going and we were excited to see what madness would come. One lucky student was chosen from the audience for the first experiment. What at first seemed like simply hitting wood with a hammer ended in a explosion of sparks. This was very unexpected and made a few first years jump.


Then two more victims, sorry volunteers were chosen. Mr Byrne put hand sanitizer on their hands and lit it on fire. A gasp went up for the audience as everyone thought they were going to get burned but to everyones suprise it just warmed their hands and then the flame died out.


The show continued when a volunteer, followed a simple pancake recipe just to end with a frying pan full of purple flames. Next was the fire breathing dragon. A new volunteer went up and blew into a tube and a mind blowing flame flew up into the air.


Finally the show ended with a bang, literally! What everyone thought were 2 normal balloons turned out to be quite the opposite. The balloon was popped with a candle and instead of a small pop a massive explosion that could be heard all over the school ended the show.

Overall it was a very good show and kept the audiences eyes glued to the stage.