Sports Events

Pipers Hill 102 vs 11 Tyndall Seniors 

1st Quarter: Pipers Hill scoring straight away scoring with 7 seconds gone with Pipers winning throw in and Niamh Hodson all by herself scoring a layup. Emma Carroll gets fouled and makes two free throws for her first points of the game. Kaitlynn scores the first 3 pointer of the match. Laura Cahill is also in on the act scoring her first points of the game. Tyndall score a 3 pointer as their fans go wild but only closing the gap to 15 points. First Quarter ends as Pipers Hill winning 34-8. 


2nd Quarter: Niamh Hodson yet again scoring the first basket of the quarter. Dara Hodson getting 2 assists. Emma scores her 6th basket of the game as pipers are comfortably making it 42-11. Olivia Miley the substitute scores her first basket of the game. Kaitlyn yet again scoring an impressive layup dribbling under the hoop and scoring a difficult reverse layup.


3rd Quarter: Pipers Hill with great defense do not let Tyndall even score in this quarter. Emma Carroll the stand out player of the match so far still scoring and creating. Cara Kenndedy scores her first of the match. Laura Cahill scores a 3 pointer as the Pipers Hill coaches and subs go crazy. Niamh Farrely putting on a show scoring 3 times in 20 seconds.


4th quarter: 9 more baskets left to reach Pipers Hill’s goal of 100 points.


Dara Hodson gets her first score of the game after playing well by bagging a few assists in the earlier quarters. Rebecca Breen also gets her first points of the game. Tyndall still not giving up as they are still fighting. Rebbeca scores 3 baskets this quarter as she really wants to hit the goal of 100 points. 1 basket left as there is 30 seconds left Emma has the ball dribbles past the Tyndall players and scores!! the basket for 100 points, the sideline discretely celebrating trying not to disrespect the opponents. Match ends as pipers win 102-11. Player of the match is Emma Carroll the Irish international basketball player scoring a massive quantity of point assists.

Pipers Hill 37 – 23 Kilcock U16 Girls


1st Quarter: Pipers win throw in and have a chance to get on the scoreboard before Kilcock but narrowly miss as Kilcock go up the other end and score a layup. Niamh Farrely with a great steal and scores the first score for Pipers Hill College. Niamh posts up well and finishes it off with a nice 2 pointer. Olivia Miley scores her first basket and also Ella Doyle scores her first of the game to make it 10-6. Niamh scores 4 this quarter playing very well as the quarter ends 12-8 to Pipers Hill.


2nd Quarter: Kilcock again start the quarter off scoring a 2 pointer to bump them up to 10 points. Ella Doyle wins a rebound and scores her 2nd of the game. Niamh once again driving well to the hoop to score her 5th. 2 minutes left of the game left until the quarter ends as Shauna Morris scores her first basket of the game. Niamh with a class layup just before the buzzer for the 2nd quarter to end as Pipers lead 22-12.


3rd Quarter: Emma Tully starts off the quarter with her also getting her first 2 points of the game. Niamh who is on fire at the moment scores her 7th basket of the game. Kinga also getting in on the act scoring the last point of the low scoring quarter. Pipers still lead 31-20.


4th Quarter: Niamh and Ella are the only scorers of once again a low scoring quarter as Pipers win 37-23. Player of the match goes to Niamh Farrelly.