Preparing for exams


  1. Feed them! Sounds easy but it is important that students eat healthy, slow energy release food for effective study.
  2. Exercise and rest are important.
  3. Reduce distractions – they do not need the internet to access books once downloaded so why not turn off your modem for study time.
  4. No phone!
  5. Advise taking regular and short breaks – this helps students focus and concentrate.
  6. If your child is getting frustrated with topics it is best not to waste time at it. Tell them to take a fresh look at it the following morning and if this doesn’t help bring the problem to the teacher that can help.
  7. Most homework during an exam year will be direct preparation for the exams. Ensure your child is doing their homework every night, check their journal regularly.
  8. For your child’s mental health they should always be reminded that if they are consistent in their efforts then they are on the right track and have nothing to be concerned about.
  9. Break the monotony – get involved! You could ask them to tell you something they have learned. Test them on a topic. Ask them to test you! (they’ll take great joy in telling you the answer is wrong, then they can tell you the correct answer). Make flash cards with them.
  10. Acknowledge their efforts, remind them that it will pay in the end – be their motivation.

Stay positive it tends to be catching