Pipers Hill V Confey College

Girls U16 Basketball

68 – 6 Confey U16 Girls


1st Quarter: Piper’s Hill Girls won the throw in straight away with No. 14 scoring a layup. Pipers Hill cruised through winning 10-0 with 4 minutes to go. No. 14 with 4 points so far player of the match. First quarter ends with Piper’s Hill winning comfortably 18-0. 


2nd Quarter: Confey started with the ball going for a basket but just narrowly missing. Confey scored their first basket in the second quarter, scored by No.7. By half time Pipers Hill Girls lead 30-4 with No.4 scoring 3 baskets creating plays and performing very well. 


3rd Quarter: Piper’s Girls score 9 times but Confey still fighting and keeping the pressure- brilliant scenes as they dont give up. The 3rd quarter finished with No.8 scoring 3 times in the quarter. 


4th quarter: No.14 again starting off the quarter scoring a layup to bump up the score. Everyone getting in on the act with No.6 scoring twice and also No. 7 scoring her first basket of the game. The game finishes with Piper Hill College winning comfortably 68-6 against Confey to keep their unbeaten run going.

Well done to the whole team on a great win!


 Written by Oreste Byrne, 4 Slane