Piper’s Hill College V Colaiste Iosagain, Portarlington Co.Laois  

Basketball match report


Match report by Annie Roche, TY


First Half

Colaiste Iosagain were in Purple and Piper’s Hill were Red. The Piper’s Hill players that started off were numbers 7,13,11,12 and 6. The ball was thrown in and a Colaiste Iosagain player caught it. Then the ball was thrown down to a purple and the purple scored a 2 pointer. It then started back on the Piper’s Hill half court. As number 11 and 7 brought the ball back down it got snatched back off them and was brought down to the other end of the court. A purple went to shoot and missed and a red number 6 got the rebound and brought the ball to the other end of the court and did a layup and scored. The purples brought the ball back down very quickly then and scored a 2 pointer. Along the line the purples has fouled and that gave Pipers 2 shots – number 7 Luke Owens took both shots and had number 11 Daniel Kane and number 6 Ben Kelly in for the rebound. Luke got the first one but missed the second one. Then the 1st half was done and it was time to switch around some players.


Second Half

The ball was the thrown in from the side from a purple player then was passed onto another player. As the reds tried to come back to the game, the purples were getting frustrated by the amount of baskets that the reds had gotten back. By then,  the score was  27/31. Piper’s were starting to come back to the game more and more as number 11 Daniel Kane got 2 shots and scored 1. The game then continued intense and fast. The ball was up and down within seconds before was the time out and number 21 red came on and number 12 came off. It was the last quarter and the score was 34/34- nail biting stuff! Player 12 came back on and scored a basket as the reds tried and tried the purples started to push away. The last basket was scored by a purple and the finally score was 34/43.


Well done to Piper’s Hill on the first match of the new season and congratulations to  Colaiste Iosagain!