Girls’ Basketball Success!

Firstly here is a run down on who we have played and the points: 
Pipers Hill 58
St Pauls Monastervin 11
Pipers Hill College 42
Kildare Town 15
Pipers Hill College 41
St Kevins Dunlavin 24
Pipers Hill College 45
Confey College 10
Pipers Hill College 21
Holy Family Newbridge 16 
Quarter finals: Pipers Hill 43
St Leos 35
The girls have had an excellent season so far, many were on the team last year and there have been a few newcomers joining  this year. Katilyn Miley a senior basketball player has joined the coaching team and has taught the girls some excellent plays and tactics that have given the girls an extra edge on the court! St Leo’s were a strong team scoring their first basket in the first few seconds of the match. Piper’s came in the lead only in the third quarter which showed the strength and determination from the girls!
Olivia Miley and Niamh Farrelly (our two point guards) have shown fantastic skills in handling the ball and with the help of their team players on offence have led the team to victory! Some of the other girls who also scored points for the team in the quarter finals are Emma Tully, Ella Doyle and Ava Dunne. 
 Ms Hills has commended the girls on how hard they work and train every week. Their consistent success is due to their team work on the court and the fantastic players who defend the basket also. 
The semi finals will take place against Rochertbridge in the next week. Best of luck to all the team and coach Ms Hills in their upcoming game.