Engineering Trip

engineering-tripSome 6th year Engineering students went to Limerick Institute of Technology on Tuesday 13th December. There were information talks and tours of the college and various courses that might appeal to students studying Engineering for their Leaving Certificate

The sessions covered the following areas:

  • A presentation on the Leaving Certificate
  • Engineering Specialised Topic (Principles and applications of Robotic Control in motor vehicle manufacture)
  • Course Information Stands
  • Workshop tours covering most Engineering courses at the Institute including;
    • Solid Works/ CAD CAM
    • Material Testing Analysis
    • Automobile Engineering
    • Renewable Energy
    • Operation of and demonstration of Robotic control to support specialized topic on application of Robotic Control in motor vehicle manufacture.
    • Industrial Automation and Robotic Engineering
    • Electronic Engineering
    • Engineering Technology
    • Electrical Engineering



On the way home students got a quick tour of University of Limerick and got to see the main Engineering and Construction labs.