Rules to Stay Cyber Safe

 To keep myself and my friend’s Cyber Safe, I agree to the following rules:
  1. My parents and I agree to sign the ICT agreement in my journal before I can receive an iPad or use the school computers.
  1. I agree to log on using only my own user name and password. I must keep these private and not reveal them to others.
  1. I agree I will never use ICT to upset, offend, harass or in any way harm another person, even when I intend my action to be seen as a joke.
  1. I accept that it is not safe to post any personal information about myself online and I should never post photographs or tag people in photographs during school time.
  1. I understand I should not post photographs of myself that would be considered inappropriate by my Parents/Guardians/Teachers.
  1. I agree I must never photograph or film someone without his/her permission and I must never post material online without permission.
  1. I agree not to leave my iPad in my school bag and will ensure it is safely in my locker.
  1. I agree never to send messages from my iPad while on the school premises.
  1. I agree never to use a mobile device to take photographs or video in the toilets and changing areas.
  1. I agree that while I am school, I will never attempt to access age-restricted or inappropriate material.
  1. I agree that security and filtering software is in place to protect me and I must never attempt to bypass it.
  1. I agree that all the rules above apply to any device I use in the school, whether it is my own or belongs to the college.
  1. I understand the school has the right to filter content on the internet and restrict access to certain sites.
  1. I agree to use ICT responsibly and positively in a way that supports my learning and the learning of other students.