Upcoming Events

ASD-Friendly Sensory Story Time at Leixlip Library

Saturday 10th February 10am – 11am

Saturday 3rd March 10am – 11am

Saturday 7th April 10am – 11am

Join Sharon Curran (MSEN, BA Mont Ed, Dip Hort) at Leixlip Library for a fun, interactive, sensory story time, tailored specially to meet the needs of children with ASD, and incorporating assistive technology and toys from the library’s TTT collection.

There will also be a quiet, welcoming, ASD-friendly opportunity to use the library, while closed to the general public, for borrowing etc.


“Let me do it by myself!” – Using visuals and objects to support independence in daily routines – Caitríona Campbell, Speech and Language Therapist

Newbridge Library: Tuesday 6th February 7pm

Leixlip Library: Thursday 26th April 7pm

This practical workshop supports parents to use task analysis strategies to support their children and adolescents with disabilities to be more independent in daily routines. Specific materials discussed and demonstrated will include: visual schedules, job lists, communication cards etc.


Empowering People with Autism – Adam Harris, Founder of AsIAm

Leixlip Library: Thursday 8th February 7pm

Naas Library: Thursday 8th March 7pm

Adam Harris is the 21 year old social entrepreneur and CEO-founder of AsIAm.ie, Ireland’s online support and advocacy service for those affected by Autism Spectrum Conditions. Adam founded AsIAm in response to his own experiences of living with Aspergers Syndrome and the need for greater public awareness of Autism. A member of the NCSE Consultative Forum, Adam is a frequent commentator on Autism on national television, radio and print media. Adam has also spoken on the need to change societal minds and hearts towards Autism, internationally at conferences in the United States, Morocco and the United Kingdom. During the session, Adam will give an insight into his experiences of Aspergers Syndrome, the work of AsIAm.ie and the role a community can play in empowering people with Autism. Parents, professionals and young people are invited to meet Adam and hear his own positive and inspiring story about living with Aspergers.


Adjusting tasks to support and develop a child’s ability – Sarah Butler, Occupational Therapist

Kildare Town Library: Thursday 22nd February 7pm

This practical workshop, facilitated by an Occupational Therapist supports parents, teachers and coaches in adjusting tasks to match a child’s current level of ability. Focusing on common areas of difficulty, such as handwriting, buttons, zips, cutlery, scissors, colouring, seating and PE/Sporting activities, the workshop will share practical strategies to use at home, school and in the community.

Workshop Goals:

  • Identify the factors that influence a child’s performance, or difficulty doing a task.
  • Discover practical strategies to adjust activities, supports and equipment to meet a child’s need.
  • Gain answers to your questions about adjusting relevant activities and supports in everyday activities.


Supporting students who have Down syndrome in School – Nicola Hart, Down Syndrome Ireland

Naas Library: Thursday 22nd February 7pm

The talk will cover:

  • The typical learning profile of a student who has Down syndrome
  • Promoting successful inclusion
  • Promoting independence.
  • Resources

Learning outcomes:

After this talk I would hope that participants have a good idea of the strengths and weaknesses that children who have Down syndrome bring to the classroom. We will discuss the different roles of parents and teachers in supporting children to learn along with some strategies for helping inclusion. We will share ideas and resources and discuss some of the specific programmes that have been designed for children who have Down syndrome.


Motor Development and your child – Sunflower Clinic, Occupational Therapists

Kildare Town Library: Thursday 1st March 7pm

This talk deals with the concept of normal motor development and some of the issues that arise when a child experiences a delay in their development. These issues can appear in such ways as a typically “clumsy” child, problems with handwriting, difficulties playing sports and a number of other physically-related difficulties.

These issues can also be described or diagnosed as Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD) and/or Dyspraxia. The talk will explain the differences and how the equipment available to rent at your local library can help address some of the issues that can affect your child. The talk will cover the following main themes:

  • Early motor milestones
  • Development of motor coordination
  • DCD/Dyspraxia Diagnosis
  • Demonstration of appropriate equipment

This talk will be given by an experienced Occupational Therapist from The Sunflower Clinic who will be available to answer your questions on the night.


Transitioning to Third Level – Dr. Dorothy Armstrong, Occupational Therapist

Leixlip Library: Thursday 1st March 7pm

The final years of secondary school can be very stressful and confusing – and that’s just for the parents! This talk is aimed at reducing some of this confusion. Dr Armstrong will discuss the Disability Access Route to Education (DARE). She will also discuss what to expect in third level and the services that are available for young people with disability at this stage. This talk would be useful to young adults and their parents who are about to embark on this part of their journey.


Developmental Verbal Dyspraxia – Catherine Sheahan, Speech and Language Therapist

Kildare Town Library: Thursday 8th March 7pm

This talk will go through speech sound difficulties of children who present with verbal dyspraxia and discuss how to go about getting a diagnosis with a speech and language therapist. Tips and strategies to help your child learn speech sounds will be discussed on the night. Parents and teachers welcome.


Workshop on Social Stories – Dr. Dorothy Armstrong, Occupational Therapist

Leixlip Library: Saturday 10th March 10am

Social stories are a really useful tool for help children on the autistic spectrum understand the social world. “A social story is a short story that describes a situation in terms of relevant social cues and accurate and specific information regarding what occurs in a given situation and why” (Gray, 1995). They are written for a specific child to help them with a specific situation e.g. learning how to wait, take turns or cope with losing a game. This workshop will be delivered by Dr Dorothy Armstrong and is aimed at parents, teachers and others who work with children with ASD. Dorothy will explain what social stories are, how they work and what the guidelines are for writing them and participants will have the opportunity to practice writing social stories.


Smart but Scattered – Dr. Dorothy Armstrong, Occupational Therapist

Naas Library: Thursday 15th March 7pm

If you are a parent of a child or teenager who has significant problems with executive function i.e. organising themselves, being self-directed, keeping on task, managing time or making plans, then this is talk for you. These types of problems can have a significant impact on in all areas of life – especially progress at school. Dr Armstrong will provide tips and ideas for improving abilities in these areas and a guideline as to what to expect at different developmental stages. Young people with conditions such as Asperger’s Syndrome (High functioning Autism), ADHD and Developmental Coordination Disorder (Dyspraxia) are particularly prone to having difficulties in this area and this talk is aimed at parents and those who work with children in this area or with any child who is ‘smart but scattered’.


Reinforcement – Audrey Cully, Behavioural Therapist

Kildare Town Library: Thursday 15th March 7pm

This talk will give a clear overview of reinforcement and how it can affect behaviour. Reinforcement can be manipulated in many different ways to bring about behaviour change that will either increase appropriate behaviour or decrease inappropriate behaviour. This talk is aimed at both parents and professionals as it is relevant to all human interactions.

Mental Health Management for Teens and Adults with “Hidden” Disabilities – Michael Ryan (Counselling and Mental Health)

Leixlip Library: Thursday 22nd March 7pm

This talk will look at an overview of the conditions and syndromes – such as Asperger’s, Autism, Dyspraxia, Dyslexia and ADHD . It will outline what are the signs and symptoms of mental ill-health and when to become concerned. Michael will outline strategies for the stressed person, as well as self-care for the caregiver and suggestions to prevent future stress for everyone.


Advocating for students who have Down syndrome – Nicola Hart, Down Syndrome Ireland

Newbridge Library: Tuesday 10th April 7pm

The talk will cover:

  • Working with the school to support your child.
  • Communication between home and school.
  • Troubleshooting. (Discussion)
  • Promoting outcome-focused meetings. (Role play)
  • Helping your child to develop self-advocacy skills.

Learning outcomes:

After this talk, I would hope that parents can implement positive communication strategies with their child’s school. We will discuss some of the issues that can arise, and role play strategies for assertively tackling these in meetings. We will also discuss the importance of self advocacy for people with a disability, and how to foster self advocacy skills.

Information Session on Carers and Disability Allowances – North Kildare Citizen’s Information Service

Leixlip Library: Thursday 12th April 7pm

Naas Library: Thursday 19th April 7pm

Have you an injury, disease or physical/ mental disability that has continued, or may be expected to continue, for at least one year? Are you restricted in looking for full time employment because of your condition? Have you a child with a disability who requires on-going care and attention?

If your answer is YES, why not come along to our information sessions to find out more. You may find that if you qualify for Disability Allowance, Carers Allowance or Domiciliary Care Allowance [for a child] you may also be entitled to extra social welfare benefits with your payment and other supplementary welfare payments. We will be on hand to have a chat and answer any questions you may have.


App Technology and Dyslexia – Amy Smyth, Information Officer from Dyslexia Association of Ireland

Kildare Town Library: Thursday 12th April 7pm

This talk will cover how apps for iPad and tablets can be used as a cheap and user-friendly way to help people with dyslexia. We will discuss apps that help children, young people and adults. These apps range from fun games, speech to text, text to speech and study tools.


Yoga Workshop for Children with Additional Needs and their Parents with Nicola Foxe

Athy Library: Saturday 14th April 2:30pm

Yoga as a therapeutic process can help children who have a special needs diagnosis gain additional coping skills for day to day life management. Yoga can help the child become strong in mind and in body, helping to build resilience and hone coping skills and mechanisms. Yoga may also help nurture children who have diagnosed with a particular condition, find a place in themselves where they can feel safe and at ease.This interactive workshop will show parents and children some techniques designed to self calm and regulate which with practice can help children learn to reduce the added anxiety both parents and children may be feeling.


Visual Strategies and Self-Management – Audrey Cully, Behavioural Therapist

Athy Library: Tuesday 17th April 7pm

This talk provides information on the use of visual strategies as a tool used to aid understanding of daily/weekly activities, the sequence of when these activities will occur, and strategies that will promote self-management of the individual’s behaviour. Visual aids have been proven to be very effective with individual’s who find language difficult to understand. The use of visual aids can be very beneficial both in classroom settings and in the home environment, often leading to an increase in positive behaviour in both settings.


Life Hacks for people with ASD/Asperger’s (Teens and Adults) –  Michael Ryan (Counselling and Mental Health)

Athy Library: Tuesday 24th April 7pm

This talk will look at the challenges that face people on the Autism spectrum and Michael will suggest some tips, hints and hacks for people to get through school and everyday life.


Supports for Children with Disabilities in their Free Preschool Year – Marie Dowdall (Kildare County Childcare Committee)

Kildare Town Library: Thursday 26th April 7pm

In this session, Marie will give an overview of the new Access and Inclusion Model (AIM) that was announced in Budget 2016 to support children with disabilities who are participating in their free preschool year. The aim of the model is to ensure that children with disabilities have access to a preschool service and are actively involved in the preschool curriculum and activities. Marie will talk parents through the different types of supports available and how parent can avail of these supports. There will also be an opportunity for questions and answers.

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