Transition Year Admission Policy

Piper’s Hill College offers Transition Year as an optional one-year programme designed to bridge the gap between the Junior and Senior Cycles and to prepare students for adult life. The school strives to achieve the mission statement of Transition Year which is: “To promote the personal, social educational and vocational development of the students and to prepare them for their role as autonomous, participative and responsible members of society.”


Application Process

  1. Students will be advised at the start of third year of the ethos of Transition Year and this will be re-enforced throughout the year by their Year Head.


  1. An information evening will be held for third year Parents in term two at which the Transition Year Programme in Piper’s Hill College will be outlined. Parents will also be informed of the application procedure.


  1. All third year classes will be provided with a similar presentation.


  1. Application forms, including a copy of the school’s admission criteria will be made available to all students and parents


  1. Application forms (including a personal statement of interest and suitability for the TY Programme) must be submitted to school office by the deadline given on the application form.


Selection Process


  • Applications will be received by the Transition Year Co-ordinator who will provide a list to Tutors and Year Heads who will be invited to offer professional advice in relation to the student’s:
    • Suitability to the programme
    • Ability to work as part of a group
    • Ability to undertake individual learning
    • Potential benefit from participation in the programme
    • Potential that his/her participation will not prevent any other students from benefiting from the programme



Applicants will be interviewed and given the opportunity to outline why they wish to do Transition Year and how they hope to benefit.Each applicant will be considered on his/her own merit. Consideration will also be given to the fact that it may be a good opportunity for students to mature and begin to think seriously about their future.




The following criteria will apply:


Criteria Notes Marks Awarded
1.      Age – preference is given to students who are under 15 years of age on the 1st of January in the year of entry to transition year    


2.      Homework and study record   15
3.      Attendance and Punctuality   15
4.      Record of contribution to extra-curricular and co-curricular activities.   15
5.      Behaviour Record   25
6.      Personal Statement   20


Personal Statement


(Max 200 words/ minimum – 150 words)


Please include the following in your personal statement:


  1. The reasons why you would like to do the Transition Year Programme.
  2. The contribution that you can make to the programme.
  3. Your involvement to date in extra-curricular and other activities in the school.
  4. A list of your achievements to date in school and outside – i.e. sports, music, drama, community group etc.
  5. Why you should be offered a place on the programme.


Offer and Acceptance



Following interviews a short list of suitable candidates  will be drawn up in multiples of 24.


The maximum number of places will be dependent upon staffing, facilities and resources and will be determined annually. All offers must be accepted in writing within ten (10) school days of the offer being made. Failure to accept an offer within this time will result in the offer being withdrawn.



Both the student and Parent/Guardian are expected to sign a contract of undertaking to arrange a community care placement and work-experience placement for a specified period during the academic year.


Any serious breach of the school’s Code of Behaviour prior to the commencement of Transition Year may result in the withdrawal of the offer of a place in Transition Year


If a student is not offered a place on the TY Programme, the Deputy Principal will meet with the students to discuss other Senior Cycle options.


A student, who accepts a place in Transition Year and subsequently withdraws from the programme regardless of when the student withdraws, is advised that the application for oversubscribed subject options in 5th Year will be placed at the end of the waiting list for each of the oversubscribed subjects




In the case of a student who is not offered a place in TY, an appeal may be made to the Principal up to 10 days after TY places are offered. The decision of the Principal will be final.