2016 Until Further Notice

Mobile phones, personal music players and audiovisual recording equipment are not allowed on the school campus without the written permission of the Principal.

This policy is necessary to ensure:

  1. That classes / individual students’ learning is not interrupted by the usage of mobile phones, personal music players or audiovisual recording equipment.
  2. That text / video bullying are prevented during school.
  3. To safeguard individuals’ privacy in the school community.


If a teacher sees or hears any of the above-named devices on the school campus, the device, including sim and memory card, will be confiscated immediately and given to the Principal. The school reserves the right to confiscate any such device.

The device, which is confiscated, may be collected by the parent/guardian of the student concerned 4 weeks from confiscation.

If any subsequent offence occurs, the device will be held for 8 weeks.

Any student who refuses to hand over a device to a teacher will be subject to an automatic 1-day suspension. The student will be re-admitted to school after a parent / guardian meets with the principal and the device is handed over in its entirety. A commitment must be given that no further breaches will occur.

Any further occurrences will be referred to the Board of Management.

Students who need to communicate with parents/guardians may do so through the school office.


Parent/Guardian:   ___________________________________________


Student:   __________________________________________________


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