School Library

dsc_1877Piper’s Hill College Library is open to students on Tuesdays and Thursdays at lunchtime.


The library is a place for everyone to enjoy. It offers a wide range of books for all levels of literacy and every taste and most importantly, it is free of charge! We hope to encourage many students to come and have a ‘snoop’ around, even if they think that they are not into books.
The library is also a sanctuary for those students who wish to escape the hustle and bustle of a busy school to enjoy some peace and quiet in the company of a book.

All users of the library will have to register as members and will be given a library user card.
The full rules of use for the library will be published on the school website and in the library. The school library card is also valid in any public library in County Kildare. Contact details of each student are consequently held by Kildare Library & Arts Service.

Piper’s Hill College was built in 2009 as a modern school with all amenities to serve a large and diverse school community. Part of the new building was a school library. Unfortunately the overall budget for the new school did not allow for library books and over the years the empty library shelves accumulated mainly dust. The prospect of getting the funds together to buy books for an entire library seemed daunting, if not impossible.

In 2013 Deputy Principal, Caroline Herity, made it her aim to realize the dream of a library for the students of Piper’s Hill College. Together with a group of interested parents ideas were discussed and an action plan put in place. As always in the face of limited financial resources, creativity and determination were key to the success of this project. Valuable practical advice on how to run a library, as well as a bulk of books, came from the Kildare County Library in Naas.

Jeff Eldridge, a PHC parent and computer wizard, designed a custom made computer program, allowing library users to avail of an electronic lending system complete with on-line catalogue and direct access to on-line book information.

The annual Scholastic Book Fair at Piper’s Hill provided a financial contribution to buy books. Further funds were raised by the Parents Association at a Fashion Show in October 2014, organised specifically in aid of the new school library.

However it wouldn’t have been without the help of the students themselves that soon the empty shelves in the library started to fill up with an amazing variety of fiction and non-fiction books, donated and collected during a very successful ‘Library Rag Day’.

Meanwhile behind the scenes the parents turned librarians sorted, evaluated and catalogued the books and cleaned up the library room.


Volunteers from the parent body of the school will run Piper’s Hill Library. We are now looking for committed parents who would like to volunteer as librarians on a rota based library duty twice a week at lunchtime. No prior experience is needed and training will be given! If you are interested please contact the library team via your child or email the school on

Any book donations suitable and appropriate for the students and in good condition are very welcome. You will find a list of areas of interest on the back of this letter. Donation boxes are placed in the library and in the school foyer.

We look forward to opening the new Piper’s Hill College Library to the school community!

The PHC Library Team



Piper’s Hill College is looking to expand its school library with of any kind fiction or non-fiction, dictionaries or collections of special interest magazines. Here are some ideas for each category:


  • Classical Novels, Plays and Poetry
  • Irish literature
  • Modern English literature for young adults and adults
  • Poetry and short stories collections
  • English translations from foreign languages



HISTORY – General History / Irish History / Local History

GEOGRAPHY – Travel / Countries / Mountains / Atlases / Travel Magazines (National Geographic etc.)

SCIENCE – Illustrated handbooks / Specialised Magazines (New Scientist etc.)

ARTS – Handicrafts / Painting / Sculpture / Techniques & Periods of Arts
Famous Artists / Photography / Music / Instruments

SPORTS – GAA / Soccer / Rugby / Martial Arts etc.

FOOD – Illustrated cooking books / Specific foods (cheese, chocolate…)
World Foods / Nutrition / Healthy Living

HOUSE & GARDEN – Interior Design & Decorating / Home Furnishings
Gardening Handbooks / Formal Gardens & Parks

WILDLIFE – Birds / Wild Animals / Endangered Animals / Pets & Pet Care

BIOGRAPHY – All areas of interest, ie. sports, history, writers, public life etc.

MEDIA – Computers / TV and Radio / Handbooks


EMERGING READER – Books for less fluent readers with larger text and illustrations

REFERENCE BOOKS – Encyclopedias (general knowledge or specific areas) / Dictionaries