Positive Behaviour Policy


A whole school policy that will be adapted to the needs of each group of students.

Relationship to schools Mission, Vision and Aims:

The aim of the policy is to fulfil the mission of the school by encouraging each student to achieve and develop their gifts and talents in an atmosphere of equal opportunity by actively promoting positive behaviour.


To encourage positive and respectful behaviour within the whole school community. To enable students to take responsibility for behaviour and learn skills that will help them cope in life.


To promote an atmosphere of mutual respect for all. To provide a safe learning environment for all students. To encourage students to realise that as negative behaviour is corrected, positive behaviour is rewarded, while encouraging the concept that positive behaviour is its own reward. To put strategies in place to promote positive behaviour and to evaluate these regularly.

Policy Content:

All students are expected to have homework completed to the best of their ability and have all the necessary books and equipment for class. Students are expected to behave and co-operate with teachers and each other in all classes and on the school premises.

A merit system is implemented by all teachers to reward good behaviour over and above the expected norm. Merits may be awarded for the following reasons

  1. Homework that is consistently of a very good standard
  2. Excellent behaviour, including, co-operation and respectful attitude towards teachers and fellow students. A significant improvement in behaviour and attitude.
  3. Tests: Achieving and maintaining excellent results in class tests, according to ability. Significant improvement in test grades.
  4. Other; Teachers may award merits at their own discretion to students who co-operate and carry out tasks over and above what is expected of them.

Responsibility: All teachers

Achievement Boards.

Student Achievement in the following areas will be acknowledged by the whole school:

  • Academic Achievement
  • Sporting Achievement
  • Artistic Merit
  • Positivity and Improvement.

Students who achieve in the above will be acknowledged with certificates in the area of achievement these will be displayed on boards in the main foyer.

Responsibility: All

Friendship Week.

In an attempt to build positive relationships in the school community Friendship Week will be held annually.

Activities both in and outside class time will focus on inclusion, respect and building friendships.

Responsibility: All staff

Reward Trips.

At the discretion of Year Heads low cost reward trips will be organised to encourage positive behaviour. Only students who meet targets set by year heads will be allowed to attend. (eg, Donadea forest, Bowling, Glendalough.)

Responsibility: Year Heads in conjunction with all staff


Awards Night

Positive Behaviour is acknowledged and rewarded through the ‘Valuable Contribution’ awards each year.


  • Head Boy/Girl
  • Explore Class captain/ prefect system
  • Class based reward charts
  • TV Notice boards to emphasise student accomplishments, certificates.
  • Ignite Personal Development Programme in conjunction with Kildare Leader Partnership and SCP.


Roles/ Responsibilities

All teachers, students, staff, parents involved in the school will be actively encouraged to implement this policy.


Success Criteria.

Is there a noticeable improvement in the standard of behaviour throughout the school.


Review Procedures.

Review this policy at whole staff level at the end of each academic year.

Get feedback and recommendations from facilitators of Ignite Programme.