Pastoral Care Policy Pipers Hill College

Scope of Policy:

A whole school policy to create a caring learning environment and to support teaching and learning.

Relationship to school Vision, Mission and Aims:

The aim of this policy is to fulfil the mission of the school by providing a caring learning environment where all aspects of the student are valued and nurtured and teaching and learning are supported.


To provide a comprehensive series of supports to students and their families in order to create a caring learning environment where students can learn and teachers can teach.


To have in place a multi-faceted system of care to support all of the students of the school.  To endeavour to support disadvantaged students so that they can participate fully in the teaching and learning process.  To reflect the school’s ethos as laid down in its mission, vision and aims.

Policy Content:

Each year group has a year head and each class group a Tutor.  The Tutor meets the class each morning and afternoon for registration and tutors have an opportunity for informal discussion with students.  The relationship between the student and tutor and student and year head underpins the Pastoral Care system in the school.

Year heads and tutors meet regularly to identify difficulties and to resolve them in a collaborative manner.  They also encourage positive behaviour and active participation in school life.

The Student Care Team meets twice a week.  The Care Team comprises Year Heads, Co-ordinators, Guidance Counsellor, HSCL Coordinator, Principal and Deputy Principal.  Student pastoral care issues are identified at these meetings and a collaborative approach to resolving them is adopted.

The student journal is a means of communication between school and home and many Pastoral Care issues are addressed using this system.