Ipad Repair

Parent/Guardian please read this important document regarding your son/daughters iPad.

iPad Repair Service 2016


Parents will be invited to join Pipers Hill College repair service from August 2016. This is not an insurance policy and parents are advised to source insurance separately to cover theft/loss or a device deemed unrepairable. This replaces the existing iPad Repair Policy.


The features of the repair service are as follows:


  1. One repair per year (non-rolling). 3 repairs max at Junior Cycle with a further 3 at Senior Cycle if the student joins Transition Year. Otherwise it is a maximum of 2 repairs for Senior Cycle.


  1. The repair service will not cover loss/theft or a device deemed unrepairable. (An engineer’s report will be furnished).


  1. Parents are strongly advised to purchase another iPad after three years as the device may become more susceptible to becoming unrepairable.


  1. The cost to join the iPad Repair Service is €20 and a further €25 excess is payable on collection of repaired iPad. If €20 is not paid by 31st August it is assumed that parents/guardians are not availing of the repair service.


  1. iPad must be in a survivor case.


Approved by Piper’s Hill College Board of Management on 31st May 2016.