The HCSL scheme has been running in Piper’s Hill College since 2001.  The main aims of the scheme are as follows:

  • To maximise active participation of students in the learning process, particularly those at risk of failure.


  • To promote co-operation between home, school and relevant community agencies, with a view to making the child’s experience of school a positive one.


  • To raise awareness in parents of their own capacity to enhance their child’s educational progress and to assist them in acquiring the necessary skills.


  • To encourage parents to reap the benefits of education, for themselves and their children, and to see the possibilities offered by post-compulsory, life-long learning.



Agencies that the HSCL Scheme Works with

N.E.W.B.                      National Educational Welfare Board

N.E.P.S.                        National Educational Psychological Services

K.Y.S.                           Kildare Youth Services

B.T.E.I.                         Back to Education Initiative


Traveller Co-ordinator

Naas Library

Juvenile Liaison Officer

Parents’ Association


HSCL in the School

Here in Piper’s Hill College we place great importance on social inclusion, of which the HSCL scheme is part.  In order to meet the aims of the scheme, the following activities take place:

  • Detailed identification, recording and shortlisting of a target group of children potentially at risk.


  • Personal interviews with pupils and parents on that list.


  • Pastoral Care meeting once a week to track issues arising.


  • Establishing patterns of attendance and following up on issues in this area.


  • Meetings with parent groups in the parents’ room.


  • Close links with the JCSP Co-ordinator and the Guidance Counsellor.


  • Encouraging parents to become more involved in school life through helping out with book schemes, breakfast clubs, Open Nights and school trips.


  • A variety of classes are offered to parents, including Literacy and Numeracy; English as an additional language and cookery lessons.