Fifth Year

The options for fifth year books are as follows:


Option 1- Ebook only

Students who wish to continue using the iPad must purchase their own ebooks. The booklist is available on the school website, with weblinks to the various publishers. Students can purchase these online.




Option 2- Ebook and Physical Books

Many physical books offer a free ebook version also which can be downloaded using a code. Please note that this option may cost more than ebook only and will not be available for all books.




Option 3- Physical Books only

Students may wish to use physical books instead of the iPad. The booklist is available on the school website.



5th Year Booklists will be available on our school website, under Parents section.

If students wish to purchase a new iPad, please contact the school and see our website for information.

Students may apply for the book rental scheme. If their application is successful, they must pay a fee and can choose either physical books or ebooks.


Please contact the office if you require further information.