• The aim of this policy is to encourage students to achieve and develop their gifts and talents in an atmosphere of equal opportunity by actively promoting positive behaviour.
  • In Pipers Hill College we actively promote an atmosphere of mutual respect for the whole school community. We work to enable students to take responsibility for their behaviour and learn skills that will help them cope in life.
  • Students are expected to have a positive attitude towards class work and homework.
  • Respect must be shown to all Staff both in class and on the school campus, e.g. no threats, insults, intimidation or abusive language. Good manners are expected at all times.
  • Respect must be shown to fellow students at all times e.g. no pushing, fighting, bullying or bad language.
  • Homework must be presented on time, and must reflect the student’s best effort. A written explanation from a parent/guardian must be presented to the teacher if the homework is not done.
  • A full complement of books, a fully charged iPad, copies and equipment must be brought to each class.
  • Students must be punctual for class at all times. (Note: Books and equipment required for class must be taken from lockers before 8.55a.m. at morning break and 1.50p.m. at lunchtime).
  • Students should have their school journal with them at all times and produce it for inspection if requested by teachers, Deputy Principal or Principal. Student journals should be signed weekly by parent/guardians.
  • Full school uniform must be worn at all times.
  • Students must not leave the school campus during school hours without permission. Authorisation to leave school during school hours must be given in writing or by telephone from a parent/ guardian to the Principal/Deputy Principal/Year Head. Students must sign out at main office if leaving during the school day.
  • All absences must be explained in writing by a parent/ guardian.
  • No Smoking including e-cigarettes in the school building, on the school grounds or in the vicinity of the school.
  • Chewing gum is strictly forbidden.
  • In the school building, students should walk and never run.
  • Mobile phones, mp3 players, and the use of any audio-visual recording equipment are not allowed in the school without the written permission of the Principal.
  • iPads should only be used in school for educational purposes.
  • English and the language of the subject must be the spoken language of all students.
  • Second level students are not allowed to drive/park on the campus without the written permission of the Principal.



  • Teachers record breaches of the code as they occur.
  • Teachers discuss persistent breaches of the code with students and when necessary will inform and consult tutors, year heads and parents/guardians.
  • 3 Mis-behaviours in the student’s journal warrant a detention at the discretion of the Year Head.
  • 3 conducts may warrant suspension.
  • Smoking warrants one day immediate suspension.
  • Continuous, sustained and serious breaches of the code of behaviour by a student may be referred to the Board of Management.
  • Teachers have the authority to detain students during school time (i.e. break/lunch time).


The Principal/Deputy Principal may suspend a student from the school if he/she decides the misconduct of the student warrants this serious action. Parents will be informed by letter of the reason for the suspension, the period of the suspension, and the fact that the student will be regarded as being in the care of the parents from the end of the school day in which he/she was suspended. On return from suspension the student and parent/guardian should meet with the Year Head and when warranted, Principal or Deputy Principal.  In the event of a serious incident, a student can be suspended pending completion of investigations. In the case of permanent exclusions, the Principal may recommend permanent exclusion to the Board of Management if he/she deems there is a serious and/or ongoing breach of school rules. Parents /Guardians have the right to appeal such decisions.



  • Possession, use, or sale of illegal substances will not be tolerated and may lead to exclusion from the school.


Each student is subject to the Code of Behaviour outlined above, and may only remain as a pupil as long as he/she accepts and obeys the discipline and rules of the school.



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