Asthma Policy

Piper’s Hill College recognizes that asthma is an important condition affecting many school going children and positively welcomes all pupils with asthma.  The College encourages pupils with asthma to achieve their full potential in all aspects of school life by having clear guidelines that are understood by staff and students.



  • Students are encouraged to carry their reliever inhalers at all times.
  • Parents are asked to ensure that the school is provided with a labelled reliever inhaler and spacer device which is stored in the First Aid room in case their son/daughter loses theirs.
  • All school staff will let children take their own medication when they need to.
  • Teachers are not expected to administer medication except in an emergency.


Record Keeping

  • At the beginning of the school year or when the pupil joins the school, parents are asked to fill out an enrolment form. Students who are identified with asthma will be asked to fill out a Chronic Health Form outlining details of their son/daughters condition.
  • If a pupil’s medication changes parents are asked to inform the school.



  • Participation in sport is an important part of school life. Students with asthma are encouraged to participate fully in P.E.
  • Teachers will remind pupils with asthma to complete a warm up before exercising and that some students may need to take their reliever approximately ten minutes before the start of P.E class.
  • Each pupil’s inhalers are labelled and kept on site at the lesson. Pupils are encouraged to use their inhaler during P.E if they need it.


Piper’s Hill College ensures the school environment is favourable to pupils with asthma by not allowing animals on site and having a no smoking policy.  Chemicals in the Science and Art rooms that are potential triggers are avoided as far as possible and stored away safely.  The school ensures that all pupils understand asthma; asthma awareness is incorporated in S.P.H.E., Science and P.E classes.